Magical small molecule peptides – soy peptide

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Magical small molecule peptides – soy peptide

Soybean peptide is a large molecule of soybean protein, using biotechnology enzymes into small molecule fragments composed of 2 to 10 amino acids. Soy peptides contain 22 amino acids, including 9 essential amino acids that cannot be synthesized by the human body. Soybean peptide is a small molecule protein, very easy to be absorbed by the human body, suitable for people with poor protein digestion and absorption, such as the middle-aged and elderly, patients in recovery after surgery, patients with cancer, radiotherapy and chemotherapy, gastrointestinal dysfunction and so on. In addition, soy peptide also has the function of improving immunity, enhancing physical strength, relieving fatigue and reducing three higher.

1. Small molecules, easy to absorb

Soybean peptide is a small molecule protein, very easy to be absorbed by the human body, the absorption rate is 20 times of ordinary protein, amino acid 3 times, suitable for protein digestion and absorption of poor population to eat, such as the elderly, postoperative convalescent patients, cancer and chemotherapy patients, gastrointestinal dysfunction. Because the soybean peptide molecule is very small, so the soybean peptide is transparent, light yellow liquid after rinsing with water; And ordinary protein powder is based on soy protein as the main ingredients, soy protein are macromolecules, so after washing are milky liquid. There are some soybean peptide products on the market mixed with a large number of ordinary protein powder, after rushed out is milky white, is not easy to be digested and absorbed, consumers should pay attention to the identification when buying.

2. Boost your immunity

Soybean peptides contain arginine and glutamic acid. Arginine can increase the body’s important immune organ – thymus gland volume and health degree to enhance immunity; When a large number of viruses invade the body, glutamate produces immune cells that fight them off

3. Quickly relieve fatigue and enhance muscle strength

The fatigue that work and movement produce, look from physiology is the decomposition that points to muscle and consume. To eliminate fatigue, the most important thing is “in the appropriate and fastest time supplement consume amino acid” soy peptide absorbed by intestinal much faster than the protein and amino acid, can be effective absorption by human body in 20 minutes, and does not need to consume energy, the body to obtain sufficient source of amino acids, quickly repair damaged muscle, eliminate fatigue, It plays an important role. The human brain activates the muscle repair function by secreting growth hormone, and the cycle of “exercise – supplement nutrition – rest” repeatedly makes the muscle fiber repair thicker and stronger than before. Supplement of soy peptide before and during exercise can reduce the degradation of muscle protein, maintain normal protein synthesis, prevent muscle injury and maintain lasting strength.

4. Lower blood lipid, blood pressure and blood sugar

Fall hematic fat, the human body at the time of digestion and absorption of cholesterol, need help gallbladder bile secretion, soybean peptide stimulus in the process of absorbing duodenal secretion, which aroused the fierce attacks from the gallbladder contraction, promote bile acid, cholesterol absorption, make cholesterol with the row into the lumen of bile into the large intestine, small intestine was decreased, and the e. on cholesterol absorption use, Achieve the goal of lowering cholesterol;

Lower blood pressure – Soy peptides inhibit the activity of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE). Because ACE in the blood vessels converts angiotensin X to Y, the latter can constrict the peripheral blood vessels, raising blood pressure. Soybean polypeptide can inhibit the activity of ACE, which can prevent the contraction of blood vessels and achieve the effect of lowering blood pressure. Soybean peptide has no hypotensive effect on normal blood pressure, so it has a significant effect on patients with cardiovascular disease, facing normal human body is harmless, and safe and reliable; Hypoglycemic – Soy peptide has a slow inhibition effect on a-glucosidase. A-glucosidase is distributed in the intestinal microvilli, and its role is to quickly decompose sugar for glucose in the body. Therefore, when soy peptide is mixed with other carbohydrates and sugars, it is not affected by the secretion of insulin and can play a good role in inhibiting the rise of blood sugar.

5. Promote fat metabolism and lose weight

Soybean peptides can activate the sympathetic nerve and induce the function activation of brown adipose tissue, thus promoting energy metabolism and effectively reducing body fat while maintaining skeletal muscle weight. The Japanese experts took mice as the object, and found that the activity of brown adipose tissue BAT, which can stimulate the production of heat energy, was increased with the increase of the amount of soy peptide. In addition, when young obese people take soy peptide, it is found that it can reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat, increase the amount of calories and improve the basic metabolism.