Istanbul Dye Fair, Turkey .InterDye Textile Printing Eurasia

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The chemical industry cannot ignore the safety of industrial oxidation
The chemical industry cannot ignore the safety of industrial oxidation
Istanbul Dye Fair, Turkey .InterDye Textile Printing Eurasia
Istanbul Dye Fair, Turkey

Istanbul Dye Fair, Turkey

The InterDye Textile Printing Eurasia held in Istanbul, Turkey, in cooperation with the Turkish Textile dyeing and finishing industrials association (TTTSD) and ArtkimFuarc l k will hold the leading Textile finishing and Textile Printing and dyeing industries corporation from 15 solstice 17 October 2020 at the Istanbul expo centre. The exhibition is a local professional exhibition focusing on dyes and pigments in Turkey, with the strong support and participation of The Turkish Textile printing and dyeing Industry Association. The association will organize member units to visit the exhibition and plan to purchase in bulk during the exhibition. Exhibition organizers is Turkish domestic professional exhibition company Artkim Group, the organizer is part (Turkcoat) and Turkey Turkey coating chemical industry exhibition organizers (Turkchem), with more than one at a local show host, 4 kinds of professional chemical magazines, websites, media, will report to all-round promotion and exhibition, to ensure that the exhibitors exhibition effect.


Dyes: disperse dyes, reactive dyes, sulphur dyes, acid dyes, basic dyes, direct dyes, VAT dyes, cationic dyes, oil-soluble dyes, brightening agents, inks, etc
Intermediate: dye intermediate, pigment intermediate, etc
Auxilaries and textile chemicals: pretreatment auxilaries, dyeing auxilaries, finishing auxilaries, printing auxilaries, pigment auxilaries and biological enzymes, etc
Organic pigments: azo pigments, phthalocyanine pigments, lake pigments, heterocyclic pigments, pigment pastes, inks, etc
Dyeing-related equipment and instruments: mixer, homogenizer, ice maker, grinder, filter press, dyeing and finishing chemical equipment, vacuum drying equipment, environmental protection technology and equipment, filtration equipment, analysis and testing equipment, nickel screen, reaction tank, storage tank, pump, valve, packaging equipment, automatic control equipment, color card, etc
Others: digital inkjet printing, printing and dyeing automation, printing materials and others

Exhibition Hall:

Istanbul Expo Center, Turkey
Istanbul, Turkey expo center İ STANBUL FUAR MERKEZ İ
Venue area: 249,000 square meters
The pavilion address: Turkey – Istanbul – Istanbul Expo Center, 34149 Ye ş ilkoy, Istanbul, Turkey