Is benzophenone in cosmetics harmful to the human body?

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Is benzophenone in cosmetics harmful to the human body?

Nowadays, people have many choices when it comes to skin care. There are dozens of ingredients in sunscreen products, but some skin care products that seem to be skin care may actually harm our skin.

In fact, benzophenones are a huge family, and its members range from benzophenone-1 to benzophenone-6. This series of benzophenone families often play a role in skin care products. Used as a chemical sunscreen agent. This type of ingredient is mainly UVB protective agent, but also has a certain UVA blocking ability. Therefore, it is often used as an auxiliary ingredient to be added to sunscreen products. The general usage is low.

Although benzophenones have a variety of components with different structures, the most common one in sunscreen products is benzophenone-3(131-57-7), which can assist a variety of sunscreens and improve the UV blocking ability of other sunscreens. In fact, benzophenone-3 is not only added to sunscreen. Sometimes it is added to nail polish, liquid foundation and lipstick. Therefore, when you buy similar products, you should also pay attention to whether the product contains benzophenone-3 in the ingredient list.