How much do you know about these chemical common sense?

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How much do you know about these chemical common sense?

How much do you know about these chemical common sense?

1.Use of iodized salt.

Iodine is an essential nutrient for the human body. Long-term iodine deficiency can lead to iodine deficiency. Eating iodized salt is the easiest, economical and effective way to eliminate iodine deficiency. The iodized salt contains sodium chloride and potassium iodate. The iodine required in the human body is provided by potassium iodate, and potassium iodate is unstable and easily decomposed when heated and illuminated, thus affecting the body’s intake of iodine, so when cooking Be careful: add salt and wait until the pan is ready, and do not cook for a long time.

2.Why can fruit hangover?

This is because the fruit contains organic acids. For example, apples contain malic acid, citrus contains citric acid, grapes contain tartaric acid, and the main component of the wine is ethanol. Organic acids can interact with ethanol to form esters. The substance thus achieves the purpose of hangover. By the same token, vinegar can also be hangover because vinegar contains 3-5% acetic acid, which can be esterified with ethanol to form ethyl acetate.

3.What medicine does the doctor use to make the athlete quickly eliminate the pain?
When watching a football match, I sometimes see the football players who are fighting in the green field. Because of the sudden fall of the injury, they sometimes twitched with their thighs. In order to allow him to continue to fight, the doctor ran over, took a small watering can, sprayed a medicine to the injured part, and then smashed and massaged with the cotton wool. After a while, the injured athlete stood up again and entered the game. What medicine does the doctor use to make the athlete quickly eliminate the pain? Originally, the watering can was filled with ethyl chloride (C2H5Cl), which is a liquid that is colorless and highly volatile (boiling point 13.1 °C). When it is sprayed on the injured part, it will evaporate immediately. It absorbs heat during volatilization, which causes the surface temperature of the skin to suddenly drop, making the feeling dull, thus acting as analgesic and local anesthesia. This is the medical “frozen anesthesia” therapy.

4.When men shave, toothpaste can be used instead of soap.

Since toothpaste does not contain free alkali, it is not only non-irritating to the skin, but also rich in foam and fragrant smell, which makes people feel cool and refreshed.

5.Why should antibiotics be taken after meals?

Most of the antibiotic drugs are amine compounds. After taking them on an empty stomach, the drugs are easily decomposed by gastric acid in the stomach, which not only reduces the efficacy, but also has a greater stimulating effect on the stomach wall. After taking the medicine after meals, since the stomach acid is diluted by the food, the medicine will not be decomposed by the stomach acid, so the antibiotic medicine is generally taken after the meal.