How much do you know about the performance and usage of PHMG?

What is PHMG?
How to use PHMG and safety protection

Introduction to PHMG

Polyhexamethylene biguanide hydrochloride (PHMG) is a translucent amorphous resinous solid, without special odor, easily soluble in water, the aqueous solution is colorless to light yellow, pH is close to neutral, and it is basically non-corrosive to metals.

PHMG is a safe, efficient and broad-spectrum polymer antimicrobial agent, which is used in the fields of sanitation and disinfection, water treatment, sanitary products, textiles, plastics, aquaculture, agricultural planting and other fields.

Its molecule is a high polymer, which is not easily absorbed by animal tissues and has low biological toxicity. It belongs to the actual grade, which is non-irritating to the skin, non-carcinogenic mutagenicity, and non-gonadotropic.

The antibacterial action mode and mechanism of PHMG: Guanidine has high activity and can generate ionization in aqueous solution. Its hydrophilic part contains strong positive charge, and it is easy to adsorb all kinds of bacteria and viruses that are negatively charged. , into the cell membrane.

In this way, the synthesis of liposomes in the membrane is inhibited, resulting in apoptosis of the bacteria, and the film formed by the polymer blocks the respiratory passages of microorganisms, thereby achieving a bactericidal effect.

PHMG performance

  1. Easily soluble in water;
  2. The aqueous solution is colorless and odorless;
  3. Non-flammable and non-explosive;
  4. It has a strong ability to kill bacteria, and has a broad spectrum, high efficiency, and long-term bacteriostatic effect;
  5. No erosion effect on various materials;
  6. Non-corrosive;
  7. No harmful substances such as aldehyde, iodine and active chlorine.
    PHMGPHMG is a polyguanidine polymer, which can be ionized in an aqueous solution. Its hydrophilic group contains strong positive charge.
    It adsorbs all kinds of bacteria and viruses that are usually negatively charged, enters the cell membrane, inhibits the synthesis of liposomes in the membrane, causes the apoptosis of the bacteria, and achieves the best bactericidal effect.

The use of PHMG


PHMG is a high-molecular polymer that can quickly kill harmful bacteria such as Gram-negative bacteria, floating vibrio, vibrio parahaemolyticus, and vibrio alginolyticus in seawater. All kinds of diseases have good preventive and therapeutic effects.

PHMG is also suitable for various diseases such as red mouth, rotten eyes, rotten gills, black gills and yellow gills caused by baculovirus. It can also be used to clean shrimp ponds, decompose feed waste and fish manure, etc., and purify water quality. , To prevent the disease of sea cucumber, fish, shrimp. Adding PHMG to the water circulation process can control the growth of algae and naturally balance the ecosystem of sea cucumber ponds and fish and shrimp ponds.

Disinfection wet

PHMG is a cationic polymer, and its antibacterial effect is mainly through dissolving lipids, changing the permeability of the bacterial cell membrane, and making the metabolism of the bacteria in the body obstruct and antibacterial. It has a wide antibacterial spectrum, is effective against Gram-positive and negative bacteria and molds, and is colorless, odorless, non-irritating to the skin, and non-corrosive. Therefore, the wet wipes treated by it can not only achieve rapid disinfection but also not mildew, and the shelf life can be up to two years.

For home use

PHMG has many advantages, such as colorless, odorless, non-corrosive, and broad sterilization spectrum, which is very suitable for household disinfection. It can be used for sterilization and cleaning of fruits and vegetables; for sterilization and cleaning of clothing, towels, bed sheets and other fabrics; and it is directly used for the disinfection and sterilization of surfaces and air of furniture, carpets, sofas, kitchen utensils, sanitary ware and other objects.

Skin wound disinfectant

PHMG is colorless, non-corrosive, and has long-lasting effectiveness, so it can be easily used for cleaning and disinfecting skin, wounds, obstetrics and gynecology, and urology. Especially for some medical supplies that cannot be sterilized by high temperature, only a solution of 1‰ concentration is needed. Soaking or spraying can achieve satisfactory sterilization effect in a short time. PHMG can also be used for disinfection of air, walls and floors in wards.

Vulva lotion

PHMG is made into vulvar lotion and suppository, which can be used for bacterial, fungal, trichomonas, senile and non-specific vaginitis, cervicitis, vulvitis, pruritus pruritus, etc., to remove odor of perineum and reduce secretions. It is suitable for cleaning and disinfecting the genitals of men and women before and after intercourse, business travel, and before and after menstruation, to prevent the infection and spread of skin diseases and sexually transmitted diseases. It is also suitable for sterilization and cleaning of the hands, feet, anus and other parts.

Sterilizing and purifying agent in public places

In public places, a large number of bacteria and viral infectious diseases seriously endanger the safety of human life. Sterilization and disinfection have become an important part of maintaining people’s lives. PHMG has the characteristics of wide sterilization spectrum, colorless, odorless, etc., and no corrosiveness. It is very suitable for sterilization and disinfection of public places such as cars, trains, airplanes, ships, shopping malls, hospitals, movie theaters, hotels, restaurants and so on.

Palm disinfectant

Hand hygiene is closely related to everyone’s life. About 80% of common infectious diseases are spread directly through both hands. Hand disinfection is obviously the most effective way to prevent the spread of disease. PHMG is sprayed directly on the hand as a hand disinfectant. It can safely, effectively and conveniently remove pathogenic bacteria on the hand whenever and wherever. No water and soap is needed, and it can form a colorless and transparent layer on the hand The invisible film maintains the long-term inhibition and sterilization effect. PHMG can effectively control the spread of typhoid flu, dysentery, pink eye, gonorrhea and various skin diseases, suitable for use in restaurants, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, banks, schools, kindergartens, families, offices and travel.

Textile industry and sanitary napkins

PHMG can develop antibacterial textiles and knitwear, such as towels, underwear, baby clothes, bedding, wool fabrics, gauze, etc. Just immerse the textile in the PHMG special liquid before the final finishing stage. When bacteria fall on PHMG-treated textiles, trace amounts of water dissolve the active substances contained in them, quickly killing the bacteria, and achieving the effects of antibacterial, anti-moth, mildew, no shrinkage, and no compaction. After testing, the properly treated textiles are still antibacterial after being washed 120 times in water.

PHMG can easily develop various types of sterile and antibacterial sanitary napkins, sanitary pads, baby diapers, etc., which replaces other traditional disinfection methods such as high temperature and ethylene oxide, which not only reduces costs, but also solves traditional disinfection methods The short validity period. Because PHMG can be evenly linked with the fine fibers of the above products, a thin polymer layer of antibacterial agent is formed on the surface, which can maintain the best state after sterilization and prevent secondary pollution. The performance of PHMG is extremely stable, and the validity period can be up to two years, so that the sanitary napkins and other products produced can maintain a long-term sterile state, which has a significant effect on the cleaning of female genitals and the prevention of gynecological diseases.

When producing sanitary napkins, sanitary pads, and baby diapers, you only need to spray the surface of sanitary napkins and diapers with a 1‰ concentration solution, and then dry them.