Heavy pollution inspection mission

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2019.6 CPHI
Heavy pollution inspection mission

A regional heavy pollution weather process will occur in the beijing-tianjin-hebei region and surrounding areas on January 12, 2007, due to adverse meteorological conditions. To this end, on January 11, the ministry of protection issued a response to heavy pollution weather inspectors.

According to the forecast, the beijing-tianjin-hebei region and surrounding areas will be heavily polluted on January 12 solstice17. Ministry of environmental protection has been to Beijing, tianjin, hebei, shanxi, shandong, henan province (city) of the people’s government sent a letter, report air quality forecast information, request according to the actual situation around, in a timely manner to start the warning level, heavy pollution weather to work earnestly. At the same time, the ministry of environmental protection has issued an inspection and inspection tour to the various atmospheric intensification inspectors.Responsible person of the environmental protection department’s environmental watchdog, the heavy pollution weather to stationed in the “2 + 26” city during the period of 28 102 XunZhaZu will strengthen the inspection and work together, focusing on “2 + 26” city heavy pollution weather emergency response start conditions and related enterprise unit measures to carry out the situation to carry out the on-site inspection. The inspection and inspection office will dispatch the inspection status of each group in real time. To press for the people’s government and related enterprises strictly implement the required stop leak in heavy pollution weather emergency plan measures to effectively reduce the peak heavy pollution weather process of pollutants, protecting the health of the people’s rights and interests.