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What is Glycerol Formal? This is the ultimate guide to Glycerol Formal. You’ll learn about its safety, uses, and differences from glycerin. Let’s learn more about these interesting chemicals!

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What is Glycerol Formal?

Glycerol Formal, chemical name: 1,3-Dioxan-5-ol. It is a product of vegetable beginning and is utilized as an emulsifying excipient, carrier and also solubilizer.

The compound is a colorless transparent viscous fluid, and also as a solvent for vet drugs, it has the features of improving drug security, enhancing medicine solubility, minimizing medication residues and enhancing medicine efficacy.

Therefore, glycerol formal has become a substitute for propylene glycol, pyrrolidone and glycerin for veterinary injections.

It is popular in the veterinary medicine sector as a result of its lengthy efficiency, no adverse effects and also non-toxicity. It is commonly used in veterinary drugs as well as can be used for isoniazid remedy, abamectin shot, long-acting oxytetracycline shot, Preparation of relevant liquid prep work such as substance cylindrosalamine salt and also floxacin.

It is obtained by the reaction of glycerol and formaldehyde, and it is stable under normal temperature and pressure.

Is Glycerol Formal Safe for Humans?

Glycerin formal is a good inert solvent for many organic chemicals.

Does formal glycerin have any toxic effects on the human body in daily use?

The answer is no. Glycerin formal has excellent performance and is harmless to human body and has no toxic and side effects. Therefore, it is commonly used in various chemicals, and the price is very reasonable.

What is Glycerol Formal Used For?

Glycerol formal is utilized to liquify water insoluble compounds for succeeding liquid dilution. It is made use of as a chemical as well as dye emulsifier and also as a co-solvent for medication delivery.

It is made use of in various vet injection formulas for the control of ectoparasites as well as endoparasites in medium and big pets. For the preparation of products based on avermectin, moxidectin, ivermectin, etc.

Commonly used as a solvent for pesticides and pharmaceutical injections. May cause low blood pressure and depression.

It can also be utilized in cosmetics, chemicals, coatings, advanced inks and foundry industries.

Glycerol formal is utilized as a solvent for antibiotic management in rats.

Is Glycerol Formal The Same as Glycerol?

Glycerol, also known as glycerin, is usually extracted from oils and fats.

Under normal conditions, it is a colorless viscous liquid, odorless and sweet. It can absorb moisture in the air and has strong hygroscopic and moisturizing properties.

Glycerol formal and PEG (polyethylene glycol) are similar to oligomeric drug particle solubilizers. In addition to being a solvent, glycerin has excellent moisturizing properties, and is widely used in cosmetics and long shelf-life cakes.

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