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Fertilizer-Product No. 1

Instructions for use of product No. 1 (liquid).

Due to using a large amount of inorganic fertilizers and chemical pesticides, the pesticide residues in the dirt are poisoned, and the dirt salinization and compaction are major, and also the dirt fertility has a tendency to be diminished.

Compound photosynthetic microorganisms can not only address these troubles, but likewise has actually been proven to be a high-quality bio-source natural plant food, and also it can likewise enhance the condition resistance of plants.

Photosynthetic bacteria can be made use of as a base plant food, or applied by means of seed dressing as well as foliar splashing. Make fruit and vegetable manufacturing start a sustainable advancement path of pollution-free and also safe production.

Liquid bacterial fertilizer


  1. Photosynthetic bacteria can advertise soil material transformation, boost dirt structure, boost dirt fertility, and also advertise plant growth.

Most photosynthetic bacteria have the ability to deal with nitrogen as well as can raise soil nitrogen levels. Via their metabolic activities, they can successfully boost particular organic parts, sulfides, and ammonia nitrogen in the dirt, and also promote the conversion of harmful toxins (such as fertilizers and also chemicals).

At the very same time, it can advertise the spreading of useful microorganisms, to ensure that they can participate in the worldly cycle of dirt ecology.

In addition, the plentiful physiologically energetic compounds produced by photosynthetic bacteria, such as proline, uracil, cytosine, vitamins, coenzyme Q, carotenoids, and so on, can be directly absorbed by plants, which aids to boost plant nutrition and trigger plant cells.

Promote root growth, boost photosynthesis and also reproductive growth capacity.

  1. Photosynthetic bacteria can enhance plant resistance to condition and also condition prevention.

At the exact same time, the tasks of photosynthetic microorganisms can promote the expansion of helpful microbes such as actinomycetes as well as inhibit the growth of harmful flora such as filamentous fungi, thereby efficiently hindering the event as well as spread of certain illness.

  • Executive Standard: GB20287-2006.
  • Usage approach: Water down with water 500 times and afterwards spray on the vegetation, 1L dosage 3 acres of land.
  • Parts of Action: Foliar
  • Precautions: Keep it in a dark, trendy area and also maintain it secured; it can not be utilized with fungicides at the exact same time. It is regular to have rainfall or drifting white foam, and it can be used after shaking.
  • Summary of Potential Dangers: No danger.
    This product is signed up and allowed to be used by the Ministry of Farming of China, and also it is within the safety and security degree, with no injury to the setting, human beings as well as animals.

Instructions for use of product No. 1 (solid).

Trichoderma harzianum is a beneficial microbial fungi that inhibits plant and soil virus, and also has the advantages of wide versatility and also variety of antagonistic mechanisms.

Via the manufacturing of antibiotics, dietary competition, microparasites, cell wall surface decaying factors, and also the induction of plant resistance, numerous plant diseases and also soil-borne conditions can be avoided.


  1. Trichoderma harzianum has a large range of adaptability.

It can be entangled and also colonized in a variety of plant origins, and can be colonized and duplicated in sandy loam dirt and cohesive dirt.

  1. Fallen leave use can be used to prevent grey mold, grainy mold, anthracnose, downy mold, fallen leave mold and mildew, fallen leave place as well as other fallen leave diseases.

Root usage can be utilized to prevent plant root conditions triggered by microorganisms such as Pythium, root rot, curse, damping-off, sclerotinia, white sclerotia, fusarium wilt and stem rot.

  1. Trichoderma harzianum produces biostimulants to boost plant development, created origin systems, as well as solid plants to boost plant quality as well as yield.

It has a good mitigation result on the phytotoxicity caused by chemical pesticides.

  • Exec Standard: GB20287-2006.
  • Use approach: It is best to act upon the roots of crops for flushing and also drip irrigation, 1kg per mu of land.
  • Parts of Application: Origin.
  • Preventative measures: Maintain it in a dark, great area and keep it secured; it can not be utilized with fungicides at the exact same time. It is regular to have precipitation or drifting white foam, and also it can be utilized after shaking.
  • Summary of Prospective Threats: No danger.
    This product is signed up as well as enabled to be made use of by the Ministry of Farming of China, and also it is within the security degree, without any damage to the atmosphere, humans as well as animals.

Note: It is prohibited to blend the strong as well as fluid of this item. Although there is no danger, the PH value of the product is different. The blending of solid and also fluid will certainly influence the task of the item.

Fertilizer-Product No. 2 and No. 3

Instructions for use of product No. 2 and No. 3(liquid)


  1. Boost plant metabolic rate, increase nutrient absorption capability, promote plant germination and development, development the maturity duration more than 5-7 days, and also enhance the weight of solitary fruits of melons and fruits, and boost the fruit retention rate.
  2. Advertise the decay of dirt raw material, enhance the water retention and air leaks in the structure of the dirt, and remove dirt compaction. Prevent the survival as well as recreation of hazardous microbes, reduce as well as eliminate parasites and constant cropping barriers.
  3. Break down chemical environment friendly fertilizers as well as pesticide residues, boost product quality, as well as meet pollution-free and eco-friendly requirements.
  4. Prolong the conservation time of vegetables and fruits, which is 2-3 times longer than conventional methods, and also the flowering duration of flowers is prolonged.

【Applicable crops】

It appropriates for numerous plants, such as vegetables, fruits, tea trees, cigarette, herbs, flowers, trees, and so on, particularly ideal for the manufacturing of pollution-free, environment-friendly and organic fruits and vegetables.

【Usage method】

It can be utilized in numerous growth as well as growth stages of plants. It is best to use it from the seed starting stage. For the prevention as well as control of soil-borne diseases, the earlier using probiotic stock remedy, the much better the effect. The probiotics must be properly raised in enhancement to the day-to-day use of probiotics to control the spread of the condition if the plants become ill.

  1. Site preparation: Weaken the product 300-500 times and also spray the planting surface equally, and after that rake.
  2. Watering: When watering, water the item at the water inlet or into the fertilizer applicator of drip watering at a ratio of 1-2 kg/mu (the drip watering impact is a lot more efficient).
  3. Foliar spraying: spray uniformly with 500 times dilution liquid 3-5 times throughout the nursery period. During the growth duration, spray the leaves uniformly with 300-500 times dilution, as well as attempt to spray equally on the front and also back of the fallen leaves.


Maintain it in a dark, great location and also keep it sealed; it can not be used with fungicides at the same time. It is regular to have rainfall or drifting white foam, and also it can be used after shaking.

【Description of Potential Dangers】

No danger.
This product is signed up and also allowed to be used by the Ministry of Farming of China, and also it is within the security degree, with no harm to the setting, animals as well as humans.

Instructions for use of product No. 2 and No. 3 (solid)

Trichoderma harzianum is a beneficial microbial fungus that hinders plant as well as soil microorganisms, and has the advantages of large flexibility as well as diversity of hostile systems.

Through the manufacturing of anti-biotics, dietary competitors, microparasites, cell wall breaking down aspects, as well as the induction of plant resistance, various plant conditions and soil-borne diseases can be avoided.


  1. Inhibition of germs and also disease. After a great deal of advantageous bacteria are added to the soil, a protective obstacle is formed around the crop roots to prevent the development as well as reproduction of harmful germs (that is, to kill microorganisms), detoxify the soil environment, protect the plant roots, as well as decrease the event of soil-borne conditions.
  2. Enhance performance. It fixes nitrogen, liquifies phosphorus as well as potassium, breaks down soil organic matter, launches inefficient phosphorus in the dirt, balances dirt pH, and also can considerably improve usage, decrease input, and also reduce prices.
  3. Boost the soil environment. Continuous use this item can effectively reduce soil compaction, loosen up the soil, balance the acid as well as antacids, and also lower the poisoning of dirt salinity.
  4. Boost origins, grow seed startings as well as strengthen seedlings. After continuous use, the origins end up being white, expand and also thick. The number of capillary origins has more than doubled, as well as the origins can soak up water and fertilizer.

【Usage method】

  1. Leak irrigation: Dilute this item 300-500 times with drip watering or flushing, drip watering 2-3 times throughout the growth duration.
  2. Splashing: Mix this item with water 300 times, as well as spray it equally on the seedling substrate or seedbed plants. It is far better to blend it with a correct quantity of.
  3. Fertilizer blending: When making seed or base fertilizer, you can mix this item with chemical fertilizer or natural and apply it together with the. It needs to be previously owned and also combined instantly, so as not to cause the to melt as well as affect the seeding top quality.
  4. Advised dose: field plants: 500g/mu, financial crops: 1kg/mu, fruit trees: 20-50g/ plant. Fairly adjust the dosage according to plant development and thickness. It can be used twice, and also it is recommended to accept potassium fulvic acid of Lulong mineral source for better result.

【Parts of Action】



  1. Store in a completely dry as well as cool area, prevent direct exposure to sunlight, and can not be mixed with prescription antibiotics and also fungicides.
  2. The application of this item needs to keep the dirt moist to stop the dirt from being completely dry and also impacting the action of microorganisms.

【Description of Potential Dangers】

No danger.
This item is signed up as well as allowed to be utilized by the Ministry of Farming of China, and also it is within the safety and security degree, with no damage to the atmosphere, animals as well as humans.

Note: Solid and liquid can be mixed and used without any danger and will not affect the activity of the product.

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