Due to environmental pollution such as haze, green cosmetics raw materials are highly concerned

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Due to environmental pollution such as haze, green cosmetics raw materials are highly concerned


As people pay more and more attention to the raw materials of cosmetics, they pay more and more attention to environmental protection materials.

Good Mind Korea representative Son Giseok introduces the trend of environmentally friendly cosmetics materials.

Recently, in order to deal with the haze pollution caused by environmental pollution, raw materials with anti-oxidation and anti-pollution efficacy are more favored.

He stressed that “the emergence of haze weather, such as inhalable particles caused by environmental pollution, attracts much attention through anti-oxidation and anti-pollution products. The ingredients should be selected based on an understanding of the ingredients.”

Good Mind Korea stands for Son Giseok, indicating that MultiEx BSASM Pius with centella centella as raw material, RedSnow with camellia as component, extraction of B-circady of Lespedeza Capitata, and Treme ha, the component of white fungus, have attracted much attention due to various effects.

Centella rosemary is effective against allergies

Due to the increasingly serious air pollution, the skin is threatened by various physical and chemical pollution sources. With the continuous exposure of the skin to such pollution sources as inhalable particles, free light, ultraviolet light and cigarette smoke smell, the possibility of skin diseases is gradually increased.

Camellia ingredients for dermatitis, rapid aging, skin barrier function under the anti-oxidation, anti-wrinkles, anti-aging and so on have great help.

Lespedeza Capital extract strengthens your biological clock

Lespedeza Capitata is a plant that grows in eastern Canada and northeast Asia, Maliga, in the eastern United States.

Modern people have been using intelligent machines for a long time in their lifestyle. Overtime, shift work and light pollution have interfered with the body clock. This ingredient can help the body to reset the body clock.

Blue light exposure leads to biological clock disorder, which can not only inhibit the production and accumulation of melatonin, but also strengthen biological rules, restore biological rhythm and have antioxidant effects.

Treme-HA、 phytin extractive

Can resist senility, prevent senility

Treme-ha is distributed in South Korea, China, Japan and tropical regions. The extract of White fungus was developed by Yang Guifei from China for bathing and washing, etc., attracting great attention for its excellent moisturizing effect, anti-aging and improved sense of use.

Because plant derived natural ingredients are safe and effective, not irritating, and high biological utilization.

Treme HA can greatly improve the hydration ability of skin cells and increase the moisture content of the skin. Treme HA has the dual effect of moisturizing and moisturizing. In order to reduce the water loss on the skin surface, Treme HA can form a moisturizing protective film.

In addition, it has the specific ability to consume Superoxide radical and hydroxyl radical, inhibit Cytolipin peroxide, prevent skin aging, increase skin cell activity, and promote skin regeneration.

Son Giseok, representative of Good Mind Korea, suggested: “Due to environmental pollution such as fine particulate matter and coVID-19, consumers have increasingly higher requirements for environmentally friendly raw materials, and they pay more attention to functions such as anti-oxidation and anti-pollution. Finally, ingredients are very important, and how to make use of them is an important issue.”

He added that “products that use ingredients that have been validated by clinical and other procedures will be approved by consumers.”