Chlorphenesin: are preservative products harmful?

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Chlorphenesin: are preservative products harmful?

When it comes to preservatives, some people will resist, thinking that chemically synthesized things are not good anyway. However, most of the preservatives are synthetic, and it will cause some harm to the human body if it exceeds the standard range of use.

This is because these antibacterial substances, such as various essential oils and certain alcohols, are not regarded as either in my country’s cosmetic safety technical specifications or in the annex to the EU Cosmetics Directive “List of Preservatives that Can Be Contained in Cosmetics” preservative.

It is almost inevitable to add preservatives to cosmetics. We should know that we live in an environment with bacteria. Most cosmetics contain water and nutrients, and the water activity and pH range are suitable for the growth of microorganisms. Preservatives can effectively inhibit the growth of microorganisms. If preservatives are not added, the product is easy to breed microorganisms, causing the product to breed bacteria, mold and deteriorate, and then bring harm to skin health.

Even vacuum-packaged products are isolated from bacteria in the air, and the possibility of contamination or oxidation is greatly reduced. But as long as skin care products contain active ingredients or ingredients that interact easily, preservatives are generally added. Otherwise, microbes will “multiply offspring” in the product and on the face, and the scene is simply unsightly!

Among many preservatives, chlorpheniramine is one of the preservatives that can inhibit the growth of bacteria at low concentrations. The maximum dosage of chlorpheniramine in the “Cosmetic Regulations” is 0.3%, and 0.01% can play a preservative effect. It is an effective low-toxic antibacterial and antifungal agent, which can effectively prevent the color and odor of the product caused by the growth of microorganisms.

During the preparation of chlorpheniramine, there may be raw material residues reacting with chlorophenols, producing pungent odorous gases, and giving people an unpleasant sense of smell. At the same time, it also has considerable side effects, causing harm to the human body. In order to solve this residual problem, Zhuanglai Company has finally developed an odorless chlorpheniramine production process after many experiments and researches, which completely solved the toxic and side effects caused by chlorophenol residues.

In fact, the skin care products of regular brands are added in accordance with national standards. Maybe you don’t know that Chinese cosmetics specifications are often stricter than foreign ones. Preservatives can be added. As long as you use regular brand products, you don’t have to worry about the harm of preservatives. It can really be an ally.