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Structural diagram of hydrophilic group and hydrophobic agent of surfactant

Surfactants Guide: What They Are & How They Work

Learn everything you need to know about surfactants: what they are, how they work, applications, environmental impact and future developments.
Emulsifier HLB

Emulsifier HLB Value | Definition, Calculation & Selection.

Key points. H in HLB is ‘Hydrophile’ for hydrophilic, L is ‘Lipophilic’ for lipophilic and B is ‘Balance’ for equilibrium. HLB = hydrophilic of hydrophilic group / lipophilic of oleophilic group. The larger the HLB value of the emulsifier represents the more hydrophilic, the smaller the value represents the more […]
Water-in-Oil Emulsifier & Oil-in-Water Emulsifier

Emulsifiers in Cosmetics

Key points. Emulsifiers help stabilize water and oil mixtures to create smooth, even products. Types of emulsifiers, including oil-in-water, water-in-oil, natural, silicone, and co-emulsifiers. Emulsifiers commonly used in cosmetics, products containing emulsifiers, and the meaning of the HLB system. . . Get One-Stop Solution from This Page What is an […]

Chlorphenesin (Preservative) in Skin Care | Safety & Uses

Chlorphenesin is a Safe and Effective Preservative used in Cosmetics. No Stimulation, Low Toxicity, Compatible with Most Preservatives. Get Free Samples Online!