Structural diagram of hydrophilic group and hydrophobic agent of surfactant

Surfactants Guide: What They Are & How They Work

Learn everything you need to know about surfactants: what they are, how they work, applications, environmental impact and future developments.
Emulsifier HLB

Emulsifier HLB Value | Definition, Calculation & Selection.

Key points. H in HLB is ‘Hydrophile’ for hydrophilic, L is ‘Lipophilic’ for lipophilic and B is ‘Balance’ for equilibrium. HLB = hydrophilic of hydrophilic group / lipophilic of oleophilic group. The larger the HLB value of the emulsifier represents the more hydrophilic, the smaller the value represents the more […]
Propylene glycol alginate

Propylene Glycol Alginate (PGA), Applications & Effects – Market

Propylene glycol alginate CAS 9005-37-2 is a compound used as a food additive. It has the ability to absorb water, so it is suitable for many foods. It is used in various foods and beverages around the world. However, many people are not very clear about the chemical properties of […]
Water-in-Oil Emulsifier & Oil-in-Water Emulsifier

Emulsifiers in Cosmetics

Key points. Emulsifiers help stabilize water and oil mixtures to create smooth, even products. Types of emulsifiers, including oil-in-water, water-in-oil, natural, silicone, and co-emulsifiers. Emulsifiers commonly used in cosmetics, products containing emulsifiers, and the meaning of the HLB system. . . Get One-Stop Solution from This Page What is an […]