Application for Cinnamaldehyde

What are the benefits of magnesium sulfate to human health
What are the benefits of magnesium sulfate to human health?
Naturally extracted fragrance linalool

Application of Cinnamaldehyde in Chemical Industry:

1.Used in organic chemical synthesis to synthesize α-bromocinnamaldehyde, trans-cinnamic acid, cinnamyl alcohol, cinnamonitrile and other products.

2.In industry, it can also be made into color reagents and experimental reagents.


3.Used as Insecticide, mosquito repellent, refrigerator deodorant, preservative, etc. It has a strong killing effect on the larvae of Aedes mosquitoes that spread yellow fever, and it will become a new type of insecticide. Cinnamaldehyde is not only safe and environmentally ,but also has a fragrant smell. It contains cinnamaldehyde as an antimicrobial agent, which can repel insects. It can be directly used in drainage pipes (sewers) or car special flavors, air fresheners, oxygen generators, refrigerator deodorants, preservatives, etc.

4.Cinnamaldehyde can also be used as a bactericidal algaecide and acidification corrosion inhibitor in petroleum exploration, instead of traditional antiseptic bactericides such as glutaraldehyde, which can significantly increase petroleum production, improve petroleum quality, and reduce mining costs. It has opened up an unprecedented wide space for the application of cinnamaldehyde. Significant progress has been made in the application of cinnamaldehyde in Hebei Oilfield and Shengli Oilfield, and application trials in Daqing Oilfield are also underway.

5.Because the application of cinnamaldehyde is not affected by the pH value like sodium benzoate, it has strong sterilization and disinfection functions for acidic or alkaline substances, and it can also be widely used for antiseptic, mildew, proof and fresh-keeping. With the continuous extension of the application field of cinnamaldehyde, at the annual meeting of the Chemosensory Federation, Dr. Zolads of Wheeling Jesuit University in the United States and others reported their new findings; cinnamaldehyde can enhance brain power and help to enhance human’s memory. The prospects of this research result are very promising and will bring new development and leaps forward to the cinnamon series products.

Application in flavors and fragrances

Cinnamic aldehyde, as fragrance compounds like hydroxy acid, has a good fragrance holding effect. It is used as a raw material for fragrance in the fragrance blending to make the aroma of the main spice more delicate. Because its boiling point is higher than other organic substances with similar molecular structure, it is often used as a fixative. It is commonly used in soap flavors to prepare flavors such as gardenia, frangipani, lily of the valley, rose, etc., and can be used in flavors for apples, cherries, and fruits in food flavors.