Food Additives

What are food additives?

Food additive refers to the chemical synthesis or natural substance added to food for the purpose of improving the quality, color, aroma and taste of food, as well as for the need of preservative and processing technology. Food additives can generally not be food, and may not necessarily have nutritional value, but must conform to the concept of the above definition, that is, do not affect the nutritional value of food, and have the effect of preventing spoilage of food, enhancing food sensory properties or improving food quality

Dextrin is widely used in medicine, food, paper making, casting, wallpaper, labels, stamps, adhesive tape and so on. When making tablet adhesive, need fast drying, fast dispersing, fast bonding and rewetting soluble, Chemicalbook can choose white dextrin or low viscosity yellow dextrin products. In the label, stamp adhesive, the need for high viscosity, the formation of a film with strong toughness, suitable for white dextrin or British glue. Dextrin can be used as printing paste in textile printing and dyeing.