2021 Seoul Chemical Industry Exhibition, South Korea

What impact will RCEP have on China's chemical industry?
What impact will RCEP have on China’s chemical industry?
Shanghai International Organic Pigment and Dye Industry Exhibition
Shanghai International Organic Pigment and Dye Industry Exhibition
2021 Seoul Chemical Industry Exhibition, South Korea
Seoul Chemical Industry Exhibition, South Korea

Exhibition introduced:

KOREA CHEM is a South Korean chemical processing and equipment exhibition. It is the only large-scale exhibition focusing on pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetics manufacturing and packaging trade in Korea. In recent years, the south Korean chemical industry, especially the pharmaceutical API industry, has maintained a steady growth rate of about 10% a year, which has brought a broad market for related production and trade industries. Meanwhile, KOREA CHEM provides an efficient and professional one-stop trading platform for product suppliers and buyers. During the exhibition, a series of professional forums and seminars will provide participants with timely market information and industry trends. KOREA CHEM is a platform for industry exchange and information, providing exhibitors with the opportunity to present their products to expert audiences.


Oil powder processing, chemical machinery:

Drying machine, granulating machine, mixer, concentrator, disinfector, stirrer, reactor, dough mixer, incubator, valves, grading machine, mixer, industrial boiler, separator, washing machine, sterilizer, sludge collector, spray dryer, compressor, filtration equipment, heat exchanger, aggregator, conveyor, vibration grinding machine, evaporator, motivation, extractor, dehydrator, deodorant, defoamer, mixer

Engineering materials and components :

Nickel, fluoropolymer, silicone, epoxy resin, adhesive tape, Teflon, special/non-ferrous metal, special rubber, titanium, alloy, synthetic resin, environmental control and safety equipment products

Environmental control and safety equipment products :

Process safety, explosion-proof equipment, industrial protection, fire protection equipment

power transmission system :

Reducer, motor, gearbox, frequency converter, coupling

Control equipment and systems :

Process control, sensor, pressure gauge, thermometer, flow meter, material test, viscometer

Plant engineering and system design :

Measuring instrument, condenser, feeding device, dust collector, packing, fittings, hose

Organize public relations/media :

Research institutes, associations, organizations and governments, news and information media

fine chemicals :

Biological chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates (chemicals, ingredients), personal care chemicals, dye intermediates (dye chemicals), colorants, pigments, surfactants, adhesives and sealants, fragrances, agrochemicals, paints and varnishes

Exhibition Hall:

Venue area: 53,975 square meters
Country: Asia _ South Korea _ Seoul
Hall address: 217-59 Kintekseu-ro, Daehwa-Dong, Ilsanseo-Gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea